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LifeGroups | 08.19.15

Hi Leaders – It’s getting real… Tonight is our last night ‘kick-off’ night. Students will have a chance to sign up for LifeGroups before we meet in groups next Wednesday (08.26). Here are the details for…   TONIGHT | Will be similar to last week, minus the food and plus a prayer experience. Student Band will lead in worship Garrett will give a challenge from Scripture Amy-Jo will lead in a guided prayer experience Your help is needed! Please be … Continue reading

LifeGroups @ Brentwood | August 2015

Hey LG Leaders – It’s been a great summer…and it’s time to keep things rolling as we kick off another year of LifeGroups! Here is the important stuff…   SCHEDULE | Here is a look at when we meet and when groups begin: 08.12 LifeGroup Kickoff + Sign-up 08.19 LifeGroup Sign-up + Prayer Time by Grades 08.25 First Night in LifeGroups   ACCESSING RESOURCES | You will receive a separate message containing your new login credentials specific to your grade … Continue reading

And There Was One…

05.13.15 is our final LifeGroup gathering before we break for summer. Here is a quick look at the night: Worship through song Biblical Challenge LifeGroups circle up to pray Eat pizza There will be round tables, somewhat organized by grade. We encourage you to sit with your group, as best you can. As we close another LifeGroup year (that has gone by way too fast), we say “Thank You” to you! Thank you for loving students towards Jesus. Thank you … Continue reading

LifeGroups | 2 Weeks…

THIS WEDNESDAY, 05.06.15 is the last night of full groups.  As you prepare, think through a few things: Remember What He Has Done. Share stories. Celebrate how God has moved over the last 8 months. Remember to Look Ahead. The story of what God is doing is still in process…. Point students forward to what’s to come. Remember the Basics. Use Scripture. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the stories and ‘remembering’ that we forget to utilize … Continue reading

LG Magic Number: 3

We have only 3 LifeGroup gatherings left for this school year… 2 regular group meetings (04.29 and 05.06) and 1 LifeGroup Celebration Night (05.13). Our final evening of regular LifeGroups will be next 05.06.15. LifeGroup Celebration is on 05.13.15 in HH. You will have a brief time to circle up and pray with your group. If you missed it on Sunday, our pastor preached from John 15:5-8. It is a timely reminder that we must stay intentionally connected to Christ. … Continue reading

LifeGroups + Farewell | 04.15.15

This Wednesday is the infamous Tax Day…and what better way to celebrate your 2014 taxes being done than to be at LifeGroups! There is lots going on, so here we go…   COUNTDOWN | 5 Weeks Remain With 4 weeks left in groups + LG Celebration on May 13, this year continues to fly by… Make the most of your time. Speak the truth in love. Invite students to respond. Love them. Lead them. Pray with them and for them. … Continue reading

Approaching the Homestretch…

Ok. Everyone remain calm. But there are only 6 weeks of LifeGroups left. SCHEDULE | Here is a look at the rest of this semester: We will meet in LifeGroups for the next 5 straight weeks (April 8, 15, 22, 29, and May 6). We will have a LifeGroup Celebration on May 13, with time for you to gather and pray with and for your LifeGroup (similar to what we did on the night of worship on March 4th). STUDIES … Continue reading


We are excited to see you for worship and LifeGroups on Wednesday. This Wednesday is Parent Focus Night. We will meet with parents in HH while LifeGroups are meeting. As we press into March, here is a quick look at what’s going on: *SCHEDULE There will be NO LifeGroups next Wed. 03.18 because of Williamson County Spring Break. There will be NO LifeGroups on Wed. 04.01 because of Holy Week. *SUMMER There are lots of opportunities to serve and remain … Continue reading

LifeGroups are ON for Tonight!

LifeGroups are a GO for tonight! As scheduled, our night of worship will begin in HH at 6:20ish, with pastor Mike Glenn leading a focused prayer time. LifeGroups will have about 15 minutes to meet specifically to catch up and pray together. Because the impending weather is slated to move into the area between 8pm and 9pm, all groups must be done by 7:25pm so we can begin moving students towards home at 7:30pm. Parent Focus Night will move to … Continue reading

LifeGroups + Worship w/ Mike Glenn | 03.04.15

Because of weather last week, our worship focus of Praying Forward will take place THIS Wednesday (03.04.15). Our worship time will focus on prayer…more specifically praying for what’s ahead. Our Sr. Pastor, Mike Glenn, will be there to lead us in a time of challenge and focused prayer. This Wednesday will also be Parent Focus Night – meaning we will have some parents around for worship and a meeting following worship. WE WILL MEET IN GROUPS. Groups will continue on … Continue reading