Announcements for the week of 9.3.2018



Hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend! Thanks for all your flexibility last Wednesday night. We are officially off and running for LIFEgroups this year! Once again, this week we will keep all students out of Hudson Hall until 6:20PM. At that time students will be brought in for time in the Word, songs, and announcements to close.


As we head into Week 2, below are 4 Quick Things to know:


  1. Once groups finish up please walk/herd your group down to the basketball court/that end of the Connection Center. We had a few issues last week with students upstairs/in stairwells/etc. Your help is much appreciated!


  1. If you have anyone who is not on your class role, please have them fill out the Visitor Card tomorrow night and place it back in your folder. Our team will add them to your role for the next week. If they are already in a different class, please walk them to their original class.


  1. If you have students asking to switch groups, please tell them to stay in that original group for this week. They can come down to the TV cart outside Hudson Hall and fill out a Transfer Request that must be approved by a Minister.


  1. If your group is interested in an upcoming Wednesday night Mini-Move mission night, please contact for info and dates. This has been a great rhythm for our ministry and we’re back at it this year.


Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night. ALSO, we will pray over all LIFEgroup leaders at the end of the last song this week. Thus, please be in Hudson Hall at the end of songs so we can pray over you.


Many thanks,




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