Monthly Archives: December 2015

LIFEgroup LDR Update // 12.9.15 // Christmas Celebration Tonight

LIFEgroup Leaders, Tonight is the last Wednesday night of the semester. Can you believe it? Our staff is incredibly appreciative of all you have done this Fall. We’ve seen life-change happen with our students and one of those ways of change has been folks following through in believer’s baptism. We’ve have 6 people lined up to follow through in believer’s baptism. It’s been a great semester and this will be a fitting end to our Wed. night sessions. Just in … Continue reading

LIFEgroup LDR Update // 12/2/15

Leaders, Can you believe it’s December?? We’re closing in on Christmas and with that we only have two Wed. nights left. We’ve been thinking through both of those Wed. nights and they’ll look a bit different than usual. The main thing to know is that your LIFEgroup will meet for the last time tomorrow night. Please hear me say “THANK YOU” for all that you have done this year. Leadership is a sacrifice and I’m so thankful for all your … Continue reading