Monthly Archives: September 2015

LIFEgroup LDR Update // 9.30.15

Morning Leaders! Happy Tuesday to all. I don’t know about you, but rainy fall days are some of the best days ever. I don’t know what it is about it, but I love it. This week, there is a good amount of info so I’ve tried my best to break it up below…here goes… PARENT FOCUS NIGHT TOMORROW // As you probably (hopefully) know, tomorrow is Parent Focus Night. Parents will be coming around to meet you in the lower … Continue reading

LIFEgroup LDR Update // 9.23.15

LIFEgroup Leaders! As you know, it’s Tuesday, which means tomorrow is the big day. We’re excited for LIFEgroups and also for See You at the Pole in the morning. Many of our students are leading at their respective campuses and we’re proud and praying for them. When you come in tomorrow night, please be sure to check out the photobooth we have set up outside Hudson to get your pic taken. It’s painless and we need a photo for our … Continue reading

LIFEgroup Leader Email – 9/16/15

Leaders! I hope you’re doing well on this gorgeous afternoon. In all seriousness, it’s unreal outside and I hope you get a chance to check it out after work/school/etc. Fall is coming, folks! First off, thanks for being so helpful with timing last week. Students were out of groups in the 7:30ish ballpark and we appreciate that. I’m hearing great things about the groups and our staff is so thankful for your leadership. As you know, LIFEgroups are coming up … Continue reading

LifeGroups announcements for | September 2, 2015

LIFEgroup Leaders, We’re pretty excited around here after the start of groups last week. It was a great night and we’re looking forward to what Week 2 brings tomorrow. Thank you for giving your time to these students! Know that we’re praying for you tomorrow night. A couple of things heading into tomorrow: -We’re trying to be more intentional with the students during the worship time by moving and sitting where they are. We’d love for you to find some … Continue reading