MOVE Night Memo — Things You Need to Know

MOVE Night is this Wednesday, 10.22.14. In an attempt to simplify, things, here are a few highlights:

A is for ATRIUM. We will be gathering, launching, and returning groups from the Atrium / Worship Center. We hope to launch the first groups at 5:45pm.

B is for BE, as in Be Here. We are counting on you being here and moving with us. We hope to begin launching groups at 5:45pm. If at all possible, be in the Atrium at 5:30pm.

C is for COLLECTIVE. MOVE Night is all of us coming together for one night with one mission. It is not an easy task to mobilize hundreds of students and leaders to serve our community. Thank you in advance for helping us move towards serving our neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ (Luke 10:29-37).

D is for DOCUMENT. With this message is a document that lays out MOVE Night in more detail. Move Night Check In Volunteer Instructions

E is for EXPECTATIONS. We expect all student to have a signed permission form. We expect everyone, both students and leaders, to remember the Big 5 (show respect, listen, have a good attitude, be flexible, be where…when…doing…).

F is for FLEXIBLE. Did we mention to be flexible? Things may change. You may be with a different group or at a different site than you hoped. Flexibility is key to a great night.

Thank you again for your help! If you have any questions please contact us ASAP…

Until then, pray for MOVE Night and all the details…

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