Monthly Archives: March 2014

LifeGroups | 03.26.14

Hello LifeGroup Leaders – I hope you are off to an enjoyable week. Here’s what’s coming up as we near Easter and Summer: This Wednesday, 03.26 | We are back in LifeGroups! Yay! Summer | We would LOVE for you to be part of the summer with us. There are lots of opportunities…visit for all the info and to register. Sunday Mornings @ BBC | In Mike’s sermon series, myNEXT, this Sunday is “First Fruits” Sunday. You should have … Continue reading

LifeGroups Next Week | 03.26.14

Hello Leaders – Praying for you as we enjoy a week off from LifeGroups this week (03.19.14). Please continue to pray for the students in your group, that they make wise decisions and choose growth in Jesus Christ today. Spring Break also means summer is quickly approaching…we would LOVE for you to be part of the summer with us. Visit for all the info and to register. You are loved and appreciated! Praying for you and your time and … Continue reading

LifeGroups + Baptisms | 03.12.14

Hello Leaders – THANK YOU for helping make the Call to Pray a great night. Please continue to lead your group to pray for Middle Tennessee Initiative (MTI) and the people who will hear and respond to Jesus Christ. THIS WEEK we will celebrate the ordinance of baptism during the worship time before dismissing to groups. NEXT WEEK (03.19) is Williamson Co. Spring Break so we will NOT meet for LifeGroups 7 WEEKS left in LifeGroups for this semester. That … Continue reading

Important LifeGroup Info | 03.05.14

Hello Leaders – This Wednesday will look a bit different…here is the schedule: 6:20pm Worship in HH (as usual) 6:45pm Students + Leaders will join the entire church family for a Call to Pray Service in the Worship Center, led by Mike Glenn 7:45pm Ending of the Call to Prayer Service (and HS SLT will meet in HH)