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Parent Focus Night Responsibilities // 09.25.13

Parent Focus Night is THIS Wednesday, 09.25. Here are three things we are asking you to do: 1. Be at Your Table · Find the table with your grade · Be around that area as close to 5:55pm as you can · Plan to be around until worship ends in Hudson Hall and we go to LifeGroups 2. Smile A Lot · Be a warm, welcoming presence · Don’t underestimate the power of your smile 3. Greet & Ask · … Continue reading

LifeGroup September Goals

So these first few weeks of LifeGroups have been filled with A LOT of information. Hopefully this will help simply or at least highlight what we are expecting of you this month. There are 4 “P’s” so maybe that will help J 1. PRAY. Yes, because there is so much going on in life and because we cannot do it alone, the number one thing we ought to be doing is sometimes the thing we save for last. Intentionally be … Continue reading

Genesis Pack 2013

There is a newness in the air… Every August, LifeGroups begin again…there is a newness to each group. New leaders? Maybe. New students? Definitely. A chance to get together outside of a Wednesday night and help build unity and trust amongst the group? Well that sounds like Genesis! Attached you will find almost everything you need to plan a Genesis for your group. As you plan, let these thoughts (along with the Holy Spirit) guide you: · Think from a … Continue reading

Test Pos

Hello Leaders – So we had a fantastic week 1…now what? I am so glad you asked… Your BIG To-Do for September: Contact Every Parent / Guardian Below you will find the Partnering with Parents document. This is a great resource for you as you begin this process. It is our expectation that you reach out and contact the parent or guardian of every student in your group. If you have any questions, please let us know. Using Social Media … Continue reading