Lifegroups// WEEK 1 SCHEDULE

Leaders – Ready or not…our first meeting in LifeGroups is this Wednesday! But don’t panic…this message should help you with your Week 1 Game Plan.
You can expect several emails from your beloved Student Team…so be on the lookout…
Emails will include more Week 1 Ideas & Helps, the answer to the question “What grade am I leading?” and Accessing Graded Resources.
Each Wednesday begins with a time of worship in Hudson Hall. Groups will be posted on the bleachers before worship. Following worship, we will dismiss by group. You will probably have about 30 minutes in your group. As you make preparations for Wednesday, here is a good look at what your group probably should look like…no matter what grade you have:
» Names / Introductions / LG Roster
·         introduce yourself
·         Have everyone introduce themselves
·         Check your roll
·         If they are not current on your roll, have them complete a registration card
» Student Info Page
·         Have students complete this page
·         This info is for you to keep
» LifeGroup Covenant
·         Go over the LG Covenant
·         This help layout and frame up the expectations
·         Have them sign and date
·         This page is for you to keep
» Quick Biblical Challenge
·         Take a few moments to bring a verse or passage that sets the stage or tone for the year
·         This is your chance to share your heart
» Close in Prayer
·         Pray for the year, for each other, and for those who haven’t yet joined the group
As you go throughout today, pray for our team as we finalize leader and student placement.
Thank you in advance for interceding on our behalf.
We are praying for you too…

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