Here is a word from Garrett Gregory

What an interesting couple of weeks.  We pray during these times of uncertainty and disruption that you know how much we are praying for you and for your families. As we navigate new life rhythms together, we know and trust that none of this catches God by surprise. He is still faithful. He is still in control. He is still on the Throne. And He is still calling each of us to love Him and love others.

You’ve hopefully received an e-mail from our church leadership, sharing the most recent update as our church seeks to continue to respond wisely to the Coronavirus situation.  If not, you can read about it on our website here. At this time, all student on-campus gatherings have been suspended for the next few weeks. This includes our Sunday morning bible studies at 8am, 9am, and 10:30am as well as Wednesday night LIFEGroups.  So as leaders in these ministry opportunities, you are probably asking:

What in the world are we going to do?

Well my friends, we have answers.

As we move into the coming weeks, we are going to embark on a new frontier in student ministry together. One that will look different than what we’re used to, but one that we are prepared for. WE ARE GOING DIGITAL!

How are we going to do this? Let’s talk about it!

First, we need to communicate well during these next few weeks

  • Knowing that many of you have Facebook, we created a Brentwood Baptist Student Leaders Facebook Group. Here we will update you with any announcements, resource you with best practices on how to do digital ministry, and care/encourage one another by sharing what God’s been up to. Please click the link and ask to join if you haven’t already.
  • Most of our communication to students will be through the student Instagram account (@bbcstudentstuff)- please follow that page if you don’t already here
  • We will continue to update on our student website-
  • For those of you in Student Leader GroupMe accounts, we will continue to use that channel to answer any questions you have as well as share important info/announcements.

Second, we will continue to use YOU as leaders to engage, equip, and encourage students through online/digital groups

  • LIFEGroups will continue on Wednesday nights
    • If you teach a LIFEGroup, you will meet with your group on Wednesday nights using Zoom and Facetime platforms
      • Zoom is video conferencing application
      • It is available to download on iPhone and android phones/tablets
      • It can also be accessed through an internet URL
      • Please be sure to download Zoom if you haven’t already
      • More info to come on how to navigate Zoom/Facetime, how to create groups, etc.
    • Regarding curriculum, we will be walking through The Gospel Project curriculum together in LIFEGroups- The curriculum will be made available on the curriculum site-
      • In an effort to be unified during this time, we feel strongly that every LIFEGroup journeys through the same curriculum together
      • We use The Gospel Project curriculum on Sunday mornings and it’s been well received by students
      • Also, The Gospel Project curriculum offers a 5-day daily devotional that leads to that week’s lesson
      • We are going to be promoting this daily devotional to students often as a way to encourage daily Bible reading/Quiet Time
      • The daily devotional can be accessed through the student Instagram account(@bbcstudentstuff)- located in the Instagram bio
    • We will begin LIFEGroups by going LIVE on Instagram at 6:20pm with a time of encouragement, prayer, and worship (like we usually do in Hudson Hall) with the hopes to dismiss into online groups on Zoom or Facetime soon after
      • We ask that your group meets no longer than 40 mins
      • 40 mins is the time limit for Zoom calls
      • We also want to respect family time while keeping with our normal schedule
    • If you are LIFEGroup leader, you need to weekly plan with your co-leader(s) and designate who is responsible to call those in your group to get the night started
      • In the coming days, our office will be sending an email to leaders of each group detailing the contact info of students and their parents in each group
      • We understand that some students may not have a cell phone yet (parent decision or too young). That is why we will be giving the parent contact info for each LG Leader to connect with parents to see if they have a computer, ipad, or phone their student can use during LIFEGroups.
      • Please hold off on contacting parents until Monday afternoon (March 23) so that the student ministry office can lay out this plan to parents on Monday morning
    • If you already have a LIFEGroup GroupMe with your students, continue to use that channel to inform them and encourage them as we move to this online platform
    • Ground Rules for Communicating with Students online
      • Please refer to the Communicating with Students document (attached)
      • No 1on1 video communication with students- accountability is vital
      • LIFEGroup Guy Leaders only digitally meet with Guy Students
      • LIFEGroup Girl Leaders only digitally meet with Girl Students
    • What does an online LIFEGroup look like?
      • Honestly, we are not sure- we are learning together
      • Three Part Agenda (document attached)- Connect, Bible Study, Care
      • Everything we do centers around our time in the Word together
      • At the same time, students are going through something they’ve never experienced before
      • They are going to have questions, be dealing with anxiety, have major life shifts, etc.
      • Make sure you are discerning the needs of your students, not just doing the same thing every week


Weekly Preview

  • Sunday
    • We will point students, parents, and leaders through our online and social media platforms to watch our church’s online service every Sunday at either 9am or 10:30am. You can watch those here.
    • At 4pm, one of the student ministers will upload a video to the student Instagram account and student parent Facebookgroup. This video will unpack Mike’s message from the morning, and give discussion questions/prayer points for students and their families to discuss and engage around the dinner table.
  • Monday
    • Every Monday morning, the student ministers will connect with parents of students through the Student Parent Facebook group
    • This time will be used to update them on any important announcements, encourage them, and offer ways to engage students in the home
  • Tuesday
    • Every Tuesday at 10:30am, we will be going LIVE on the Student Leader Facebook group to connect with each of you
    • This time will be used to update y’all on any important announcements and talk through the next LIFEGroup gathering
    • If you can’t make it at 10:30am, the video will be saved and available to watch on the Facebook page
  • Wednesday
    • 6:20pm- student ministry Instagram goes LIVE with a time of worship, encouragement, announcements, and prayer before LIFEGroups meet
    • LIFEGroups meet on Zoom or Facetime for 30-40 mins
  • Thursday
    • The student ministers will use the Student Leader Facebook group and sometimes Zoom to recap LIFEGroups the night before, hear wins and praise reports, and discuss ways we can pray for leaders and students
  • Friday
    • The student ministers will be making personal connections to leaders/students to care, minister, and pray for one another

Please know, this is all subject to change as we work this new frontier together. Some things may not work and some things may work super well. Please just help us in being flexible as we work together.

We are confident that God is in control and He is at work!  Again, please know that our team is already praying for you.  We pray the words of Romans 15:13 would ring true for you during this time, “Now may the God of all hope fill you will all joy and peace as you believe in Him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the student ministry staff. You’ll see our contact info below.

·       Garrett Gregory- Student Minister-

·       Amy-Jo Girardier- Student  Minister for Girls and Missions-

·       Mac Johnson- Student Minister for Groups and Leadership-

·       Sarah Fehl- Student Ministry Assistant-

·       Karyn Caldwell- Next Gen Ministry Assistant-

The Student Ministry Team

LIFEgroup Leader Update| 9.26.18



I hope this soggy week finds you well! I hope this weather means Fall is on the way. Bring on the flannel/sweatshirt weather!


We’re excited to jump back into groups this week and I know students are pumped to be back as well. It’s Worship in the Round week, so our time inside Hudson Hall will look a little different. Don’t miss it. We’ll kick it off at 6:20PM and have you guys to groups around 6:50PM. Like I mentioned last week, we are continuing to hear great stories of students growing in the Gospel each week. On behalf of our team, thank you for taking the time each week to make this happen. If you need anything at all as we head into groups or during actual groups, my cell # is below. And with that, here’s our weekly installment of 4 Quick Things:



  1. CALENDAR UPDATE – We will NOT have LIFEgroups on Oct 17th or 31st. The first date is Fall Break for WCS and the second is Halloween. We are developing a quick strategy for students to initiate Gospel conversations with friends in and around their neighborhood or wherever they are that Halloween night.


  1. ALL LDR NIGHT W/ WALT BARNES (PLEASE RSVP) – Oct. 28 from 4-6:30PM. Walt will walk all leaders through methods of how to study the Bible and accurately present the Scripture to students in a small group setting. Walt is a gifted communicator with a heart for the Word and students. You’re going to love hearing from him. We’ll have dinner catered in for that meeting. We’re asking for ALL student leaders, both Sunday and Wednesday leadership, to join us that night. To save your spot, email Julia at Also, Walt will be preaching to all students during the 9:30 that morning on Oct. 28. Join us!


  1. FALL RETREAT/6th GRADE ESCAPE – It’s coming soon. Join us at Jonathan Creek! Registration opens Wednesday, Oct. 3. Can’t wait! Fall Retreat is Nov 16-18 and 6th Grade Escape is Nov 16-17. It’s all on the same campus.


  1. SUNDAY LUNCH – We are debuting our new connect groups strategy dubbed “Sunday Lunch” on Sunday, Nov 4 for all high school students. Simply put, we want to bolster current student community and at the same time beta test an outreach strategy where students can invite unbelieving friends to church that morning and then go to a house for Sunday Lunch to eat, fellowship, and laugh together. We think the home is a great place to make this happen. They gotta eat right?! It’s all free.


Here’s how we do it – We have set a set host home for each grade (9-12). We’ll send out a permission click form on social media and give the attending students an address to their specific host home. Students will need to RSVP so we know how much food to get. We’re excited to connect with students and their friends from 12:30-2:30PM. We’re encouraging all students to attend either the 11AM or 11:11 service that Sunday, as always. It’s going to be an incredible time of meeting students and their friends. If you’re a high school LIFEgroup leader, we’d love to have you join us at a house for some fun and great conversations. We’ll unpack this strategy on Sunday morning to our high schoolers. Middle school leadership…please be praying for this new venture. With this test we’ll learn a ton and also see if it’s viable for future middle school events as well.



See you all on tomorrow night,



Announcements for the week of 9.3.2018



Hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend! Thanks for all your flexibility last Wednesday night. We are officially off and running for LIFEgroups this year! Once again, this week we will keep all students out of Hudson Hall until 6:20PM. At that time students will be brought in for time in the Word, songs, and announcements to close.


As we head into Week 2, below are 4 Quick Things to know:


  1. Once groups finish up please walk/herd your group down to the basketball court/that end of the Connection Center. We had a few issues last week with students upstairs/in stairwells/etc. Your help is much appreciated!


  1. If you have anyone who is not on your class role, please have them fill out the Visitor Card tomorrow night and place it back in your folder. Our team will add them to your role for the next week. If they are already in a different class, please walk them to their original class.


  1. If you have students asking to switch groups, please tell them to stay in that original group for this week. They can come down to the TV cart outside Hudson Hall and fill out a Transfer Request that must be approved by a Minister.


  1. If your group is interested in an upcoming Wednesday night Mini-Move mission night, please contact for info and dates. This has been a great rhythm for our ministry and we’re back at it this year.


Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night. ALSO, we will pray over all LIFEgroup leaders at the end of the last song this week. Thus, please be in Hudson Hall at the end of songs so we can pray over you.


Many thanks,




We’re baaaaaaack!



We’re baaaaaaack. Can you believe it?! Summer was incredible and we’re excited to take that momentum into the Fall semester. If you’re receiving this email, we’ve got you down to help lead a group.


I wanted to write and give you 4 quick things:


  1. We couldn’t be more excited to have you on the team. Seriously. We can’t wait to see what God will do this year.
  2. Our second and last LIFEgroup Kickoff night is THIS Wed. night at 6:20. We have a Group Leader Huddle Up after LIFEgroups THIS WEEK from 7:45-8PM in The Gallery. We’ll go over to details heading into next week!
  3. August 29 is our first actual night in groups. We’ll have worship from 6:20-6:50PM in Hudson Hall and then have you to groups from there until 7:45PM.
  4. All students must re-sign up to be in LIFEgroups. The link is, just FYI.


Thankful for each of you,


Garrett and the Student Ministry Staff

Lifegroup Leader Update| 3.19.18

This week is our last LIFEgroup meeting for the next two weeks as next week we’ll take a breather for Spring Break. As usual we’ll kick off at 6:20 this week and have you to groups a few minutes before 7. As we head into Spring, here’s your friendly reminder to message your group and invite them to Wed. night LIFEgroups.


One area I want to bring up is worship in LIFEgroups. Lately we’ve noticed pockets of students struggling to pay attention in worship. Some are on their phones or talking with friends. We want to correct this problem and model worship to them. Thus, if you usually make it to LIFEgroups in time for worship, will you begin to sit with your class from 6:20-6:50? Many of you have joined in with your group for worship on Wednesday nights and our desire is to keep improving in that area. I hope to see you in Hudson Hall on Wednesday night and thanks in advance for your help in this regard.


One last note is that Parent Focus Night is April 4 and on that Wednesday night we’ll be launching ALL of our Summer18 events including Mission615, Chicago, and Beach Camp. Vancouver is currently available for registration.


Mission615 – June 4-6 – Nashville, TN (new lodging location!)

Vancouver Mission Journey – June 9-16 – Vancouver, BC, Canada
Beach Camp – June 22-26 – Panama City, FL

Senior Stay – June 26-28 – Panama City , FL

Chicago Mission Journey – July 14-20 – Chicago, IL


All the details are available at


See you Wednesday!






Lifegroup Leader Update| 10/10/2017

  1. Fall Retreat/6th Grade Escape Registration – LDR MTG Next Monday     

Have you registered yet?! If you’re planning on joining us at Jonathan Creek, please do so ASAP! We need leaders AND we’ve got our annual FR/6GE Leader Meeting coming up on Monday, Nov 6 from 5:30-7pm. We’re bringing in Chick-Fil-A and we’ll go over all the specifics about the retreat. You can sign up for the retreat below – the dates are Nov. 17-19 for FR and Nov 17-18 for 6th Grade Escape.

Fall Retreat Leader sign up –
6th Grade Escape Leader sign up –




  1. Calendar


Nov 1 – LIFEgroups

Nov 8 – LIFEgroups

Nov 12 – 5th Sunday Breakouts for HS (9:30)

Nov 15 – LIFEgroups

Nov 17-19 – Fall Retreat/6GE (JOIN US!)

Nov 22 – NO LIFEgroups

Nov 29 – Last Night in LIFEgroups

Dec 6 – LIFEgroups Christmas Party

Dec 13 – NO LIFEgroups

Dec 17 – 5th Sunday Breakouts for MS+HS (9:30)

Dec 20 – NO LIFEgroups

Dec 27 – NO LIFEgroups

Jan 10  – LIFEgroups Restart


Lifegroup Leader Update| 8.28.17


If you’re receiving this post, we’ve got you down to lead in LIFEgroups this year! First of all, on behalf our team, thank you for your commitment to join in and help disciple these students. They’re incredible and we’re excited to journey with both you and them this year.

This Wed. night is the official start of groups for the Fall semester! We’ve seen God do some incredible things in the first 3 kickoff nights, with salvations and students desiring obedience with baptism. Praise God. Several of the students who made decisions signed up for groups and will join us for their very first LIFEgroup night this week. I can’t wait.

We’ve worked to let you know your partner(s) and grade for this year and shortly you’ll be receiving an email from Mac with all the information you’ll need including resources and how to login to the LIFEgroups curriculum database. Roles for your class will be available on Wed. night before groups.

Below are a couple of quick hits for THIS week. There is no LDR Update attached. All info is below.

Quick things for Wed. night –

1.      This Wed. night, ALL students who have NOT signed up for LIFegroups but show up for LIFEgroups will be meeting upstairs in the loft.

2.      If you have a student in your room that is not on your role, please send them (or show them) to the loft above Hudson Hall so we can get them signed up and in a group for next week. If you know of any students that have not signed up, please have them sign up ASAP at

3.      We’re going to bring all the LIFEgroup leadership on stage to pray over you tomorrow night right after the worship songs are finished. This should be right around 6:30-6:40pm. Please come into Hudson Hall so that we can recognize you and pray over you.

4.      Attached is a quick icebreaker for your group time on Wed. night. We’ll have a pack on M&M’s when you arrive on Wed. night if you choose to use it. Contextualize it for your group however you’d like. It’s simply a convo starter.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

Praying for an incredible first night in groups!